Historical Review

National Mills & Fodders J.S.C

The company’s Historical Review

We are ancestors of the Libyans who were among the earliest to mill the wheat grains; therefore, it is not wonder that the most Libyan food menu contains flour and semolina ingredients. Since wheat has always been the measure of progress, this encourages the Libyans to establish one of modern mills in early twentieth of last century in Ain Zara named “Libyan Mills”, according to historical documents and photos. Therefore, we have established our company to keep the pace with that history and chosen its domicile place beside the old mill.

In 1973, the modern incorporation of the company started as per the law No (36), with shared capital of (4 million LYD), and our task to supply citizens with flour and fodders continued until 1st day of July 1996, the date on which the company integrated with National Company for Semolina and Derivates to write new stage of history of Pasta industry in Libya.

Afterwards, the company started running its businesses under new name:” General Company for Mills & Fodders” to run and manage about 20 production lines for flour, pasta and Kusksi, besides lines for fodders production.

In 2007, the company’s legal entity has been changed to Libyan Joint Stock to become what is called presently “National Mills & Fodders J.S.C”. This year witnessed qualitative change for the company to start its private business by selling and marketing its products in the local market competing against other regional, local and international products available, after being exclusively marked by National Corporation for Marketing Consumables that were pricely backed by Libyan State.