Administrative Structure

National Mills & Fodders J.S.C


The Board of Directors’ Affairs Office

Management is the Art we keep in touch with:

Tasks of this office are organizing the secretary office works, preparing meeting’s minutes, circulating and executing resolutions taken by the board, besides administratively supervising executive procedures with other offices, departments and production lines.

Legal affairs Office:

The law is first & last

This office is to independently give legal advices on administrative, technical and commercial aspects related to the company’s businesses, conclude the contracts and to issue administrative resolutions.

Audit and Inspection Office:

Each System has to be controlled,

This office works on establishing local control system by tightly controlling and inspecting the execution of effective and valid laws and regulations related to financial, administrative and commercial issues, besides, inspecting and controlling production and administrative units in order to remedy any possible defects and to make sure of applying the company’s valid document circulation.

IT Office:

The world is growing rapidly and we have to keep the pace with it

This office is recently established to work on dealing with modern issues related to computer, networks and information technology. It also works on keeping in touch with all scientific progress related to the company’s activity, besides receiving data for analysis and forwarding it to the competent departments in the company.

Industrial Protection Office:

Work places have to be based on secure, safe and healthy environment:

This office is established recently to implement plans related to industrial security and environment protection by proposing industrial plan for providing tools and requirements for industrial security. The office works on employing standards and measures related to public safety by rising environmental and security awareness through issuing related periodical publications and advertisements, besides conducting medical checks for the staff.

Quality Management Office:

It works on controlling the quality of imported raw materials and the quality of production according to most recent scientific methods used for health control and on supervising and following up production lines to make sure that our products are in compliance with approved standards.

Administrative Affairs Management: 

Flexible regulations, precise personnel affairs and proper administrative services are keys of success.

This department supervises and follows up administrative procedures as per the company’s effective law and regulations. It also works on executing all works related to the personnel and administrative affairs, besides undertaking other management services such as; archiving and documentation.

Financial Affairs Management:

The united financial system achieves the company’s unity,

Financial affairs office sets up plans and programs that organize the company’s financial policy in a way that achieve the company’s purposes, besides supervising the company’s general accounts, costs, balance sheet and warehouses inventory.

Technical and Production Management:

Production is the core of work,

To ensure the continuity of production process, the management work on putting plans and executive programs related to production and technical affairs for the company’s mills and factories through providing the production lines with their needs of raw materials, operational requirements, spare parts, besides conducting periodical maintenance programs and preparing operational plans for production lines.

Commercial Affairs Management:

Intelligent merchant knows all probabilities and makes the use of them

This management makes plans and programs for purchase, providing raw materials, operational requirements, spare parts and tools in order to preserve the company’s strategic reserves, besides making bids and other procedures required for imports, obtaining insurance, opening LCs. In particular, this management is keeping the company’s commercial balance and stability.

Department of Planning, Projects & Researches:

Strategic planning means we are on the right track:

It works on managing and running processes of planning, development, study and researches related to civil maintenance works, projects, collecting data required for the company’s activities in accordance with modern scientific basics, besides continuous development of the company’s plans.

Marketing Department:

Marketing is what distinguishes us from the competitors:

This department makes and launches plans and programs that define the company’s marketing policy and conducts studies and researches related to the market and marketing, besides advertising the company’s products

Department of Warehouses, Transport & Towers

Proper transport and storage are keys of preservation:

It works on making and supervising plans and programs related to storage policy and preserving the company’s supplies from being harmed and decayed. In this view, the department considers following basics and right systems for the storage process and transporting products, raw materials goods and tools.