About the Company

National Mills & Fodders J.S.C


National Mills & Fodders J.S.C

The company is one of Economic Development Fund affiliates and incorporated to supplying Libyan Market with different types of foodstuffs and animal products. The company with its (20 chain of mills and factories) is specialized in foodstuffs industry, and it supplies its products of flour, semolina (soft and hard), and pasta in different shapes and livestock fodders to cover 2\3 of Libyan area.

The company is incorporated by virtue of the law No (36\1973) to operate its businesses as Libyan firm of legal entity “national joint stock company”.

The company operates and manages its businesses and activities as per its articles of association and as per effective regulations that are obligatory for Libyan firms, and its capital assigned for operating its activities is amounted to (4 million LYD).

Our history that goes back in history to 1920th of last century makes us feel proud for being the guardian of Libyan food security.


We seek satisfying the consumer’s demand and securing its food resources through supplying and marketing products that are in compliance with the regional and international quality standards and are costly competitive.

We also seek to achieve the following goals:

  • For keeping our pioneer role in field of industry, we work on maintaining work environment that attracts qualified and well-experienced personnel,
  • Be aware of the consumer’s needs and work on preserving its food security,
  • Satisfying the consumer’s needs through providing goods that are costly and marketing competitive and in compliance with regional and regional standards of quality,
  • Competing with regional and international entities operate in foodstuff and animal product industries.

Our vision

The consumer has always been our main focus and securing their food is the priority which reflects our capacity as regional competitor.