Flour & Semolinz

National Mills & Fodders J.S.C

Our Mills products are divided into two parts:

Flour Mills:

Our mills produce first class flour sued for baking. Our production of flour is being marketed and available in bags of different capacities (1, 25, 50 Kg). We also produce flour specially used for baking puddings and desserts that packed and available in packets with capacities of (1 & 5 kg). The process of milling wheat grains for producing flour is combined with separating the bran, which is used as raw materials for producing fodders. We sell extra amounts of flour products direct to the consumer. Further, we also produce wheat kernel of high nutritional value that is sued for medical and beauty purposes. In general, the company produces daily approximate amount of (1920 Tons) that is subject to high standards of quality control. Our products of flour are available in the market under the trade name of the company and logo.

Semolina Mills:

The company produces two types of semolina: hard semolina, which is used in making (KUSKSI) manually, and soft semolina (Durum). Our products are available in the market in packets of different capacities (25, 10, 5 Kg). Semolina is considered the main raw materials used by the company’s pasta factories. The bran and hard wheat grains flour, which is used for baking bread and puddings, are extracted during process of producing semolina. The company’s daily production of semolina is 1020 tons (for both hard and soft types). The products are available in the market in special packets under the company’s brand name and logo.